Please complete the final steps below.

Your Submission will not be reviewed if these items are not completed.


STEP 3: Send Supplemental Materials via Email

To have Supplementals reviewed with your application, follow these exact instructions:


Attaching Documents
Send ALL of your supplemental materials as attachments in ONE email to the ARC email address: We will NOT review submissions with Supplemental Materials sent via multiple separate emails.

If these size of your files exceeds the amount that your email sender will allow you to send in a single email, upload the materials to a shared cloud folder using a tool such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, and send a shareable access URL in the body of your email in place of file attachments.

Please make sure all files are clearly labeled.

Email Subject Line
In order for us to identify your materials and correctly match them with your ARC Form Submission, please label your email subject line as follows:

“ARC SUBMISSION MATERIALS – [Street Address of Property]

STEP 4: Send Payment

Your submission will not be reviewed until payment is received.

Amount Due
If you are unsure of the cost of your submission, please see the Fee Structure section of the Submissions page.

Making Out Checks
Please pay checks to the order of New Albany Country Club Community Association
Make sure you indicate in the memo line the payment is for an “ARC Review” with your address.

Mailing Checks
Please mail checks to the property management company, Ohio Equities, using the mailing address listed below:

Ohio Equities c/o NACCCA
8000 Walton Parkway, Suite 250
New Albany, OH 43054

After completing these steps, your Submission will be complete.

Thank you for your cooperation!