What is the Assessment Amount?

The total current annual assessment amount is $725.00 for each lot owner and is applied to the routine operation of the community. Assessments run as a deed restrictions for each lot owned within New Albany. The requirement for annual assessment payments are not contingent on resident issues with other account items, such as past due amounts, fines or unrelated issues.

Assessments are applied internally to budgetary allocations for Operating and Reserve Funds.

  • Operating funds are the daily operations of the community.

  • Reserve funds are for capital improvements and replacements.

Assessment Breakdown:

Operating Expenses: $605.00
Reserve Expenses: $120.00
: $725.00

When are Assessments Due?

Quarterly Collections & Reminders

Your total assessment for each year is broken down into four quarterly payment due dates:

January 30th

April 30th

July 30th

October 30th.