Annual Assessments

Assessment Amount

The total current annual assessment amount is $725.00 for each lot owner and is applied to the routine operation of the community. Assessments run as a deed restrictions for each lot owned within New Albany. The requirement for annual assessment payment is not contingent on resident issues with other account items such as past due amounts, fines or topics.

Assessments are currently set as follows:

Assessment Breakdown:

Operating Expenses: $605.00
Reserve Expenses: $120.00
: $725.00

Collection Frequency

Quarterly Collections & Reminders

Your total assessment is broken down into four quarterly payments, due on January 30th, April 30th, July 30th, and October 30th.

Out of convenience for our residents, we have set up a Quarterly Notification system that you may opt into to be reminded when your payments are due.

Overdue Payments

If payment in full is not received by the due date, a late notice is mailed the month following the due date. These monthly late notices continue until an account is paid in full OR the criteria for being turned over to collections has been met.

Accounts that meet BOTH of the below criteria are turned over to the Association’s attorney:

1. Overdue balance of $300.00 or more

2. Overdue for six (6) months or more

Once an account has been turned over to collections, the property management company can no longer discuss any account issues until the account has been brought current and is no longer in collection status. 

All account related communications must take place with the Association’s attorney:

Jeff Dittmer | Mularski, Bonham, Dittmer & Phillips, LLC
107 W. Johnstown Road, Gahanna, OH  43230
TEL: 855-520-4614