Mailbox Policies

Rotation Cycle & Map


The New Albany Country Club Community Association has adopted a new mailbox and yard light maintenance policy commencing in 2016. Beginning with the oldest sections of the community and moving towards the newest, the mailboxes and yard light poles (not fixtures) will be maintained by the association on a 4 year rotational cycle.

Homeowner & Association Responsibilities

Over time, normal deterioration of flaking paint and/or rust occurs that causes an unsightly appearance to your property and the community. This was historically remedied by the homeowner’s efforts and often at the urging of New Albany Country Club Community Association by means of a “friendly reminder letter”. Now, due to the new policy, the Association will be responsible for needed wear and tear maintenance as determined by the Property Management Company.

Refurbishing & Normal Wear & Tear

The Association will refurbish, repair and/or replace mailboxes as needed due to normal wear and tear as determined by the Property Management Company and per the rotational schedule.

Replacement & Damage

If your mailbox is damaged (e.g. hit by a car or snow plow, etc.), which is the responsibility of the homeowner to remedy, the following information may assist you in repairing your damaged mailbox:

Preferred Mailbox Vendor
My Painting Guys

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

New Albany Green

New Albany Black for:

Wiveliscombe, Alban Mews, Clivdon Mews, and Edge of Woods

Mailbox Numbers

Mailbox numbers may be requested via the Contact Us page or may be purchased from the Property Management office.

Mailbox Numbers are $1.00 per number. A check or exact change is accepted, or you may also request they be mailed to your home and billed to your account for a service fee of $1.00.

If requesting Mailbox Numbers online, please be sure to specify which number or numbers you need as well as if you need multiples of any.