Sidewalks Policies


The New Albany City Ordinance 521.06 requires homeowners to keep sidewalks in repair and clean. As little as a 1/4-inch rise in a walkway can cause a person to trip and fall. Cracks and unmaintained sidewalks can cause unsightliness and safety hazards.

Homeowner & Association Responsibilities

Damage & Repair

The New Albany Country Club Community Association would like to assist homeowners in their responsibilities if repairs or replacements are needed. You may use any contracted service you choose; however, for convenience we have located two companies that work in the area for which discounted rates are applied when residents sign up during the bulk repair months. Homeowners may call anytime and get on their lists for work to be conducted during the indicated months or for individual repair.

Dague’s Construction Services
TEL: 614.554.6086
Bulk repairs: June and/or July

Ace Blacktop Company
TEL: 614.877.1508
Bulk repairs: July and/or August