Making a Submission

Step 1: Section & Lot Number

You will need your property’s Section & Lot number in order to complete this form. Section & Lot Information can be found using the Property Search function on the Franklin County Auditor's Website; it will be located under your name on the summary section. Take note of both of these numbers once located.

Step 2: Submit ARC Review Form

Please complete the form below to submit your project for review by the New Albany Country Club’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Complete submissions received by 4:00 P.M. on Thurdays will be reviewed the next week. Depending on the volume of the reviews, results can take up to 14 days. Only complete submissions and re-submissions will be accepted containing all documents. Information will not be pieced together for on behalf of submitting parties. Status Inquiries will not expedite the review process.  Please direct Architecture Review questions to


Step 3: Send Supplemental Materials via Email

Examples of supplemental materials include but are not limited to:

  • CAD Drawing

  • Dimensional Drawing

  • Grading Plan

  • Landscape Plan

  • Material Example

  • Lighting Plan

  • Materials Form

  • Photos

  • Spec Sheet

  • Elevations

  • Vendor Information

  • Warranty Information

  • Site plan w/ property lines

  • Window Shop Drawings

Scaled representations, dimensions and size of vegetation upon installation are always required.


Step 4: Complete Payment

Payment must be made before we review your submission. Fees for submissions are assessed according to the Fee Structure outlined in the section below. Please see the button below for instructions on how to submit payment.


Fee Structure

The fees for ARC submissions are listed below.  Fees are due at the time of submission. Review results may not be released until payment is received. Additionally, if a homeowner is not current with their quarterly assessments, their ARC submission may not be reviewed until the account is brought current.

New Construction

Initial Fee: $600.00 – Covers 5 ARC Reviews

Additional Reviews: $150.00 each

Renovation / Addition

Initial Fee: $250.00 – Covers 3 ARC Reviews

Additional Reviews: $100.00 each

Landscape with Hardscape

Hardscape includes fireplaces, retaining walls, patios and pools.

Initial Fee: $250.00 – Covers 3 ARC Reviews

Additional Reviews: $100.00 each


Landscape includes play-sets, fences and hot tubs. Landscape and Landscape with Hardscape submissions that are in relation to New Construction and/or Renovation / Addition projects were previously included in the original project submission fee. This is no longer the case. They will be charged separately.

Initial Fee: $175.00 – Covers 2 ARC Reviews

Additional Reviews: $75.00 each

Quick Reviews

Quick Reviews are determined by the ARC as taking minimal time (e.g. paint color change, window, door or roof replacement, tree removal and etc.).

Initial Fee: $50.00 – Covers 1 ARC Review

Additional Reviews: $50.00 each


Appeal Process

There are 3 levels of authority governing architectural review for the NACCCA. They are as follows:

  1. ARC: Architectural Review Committee

  2. EARC: Executive Review Committee

  3. BOARD: NACCCA Board of Trustees

All submissions are initially reviewed by the ARC. If you believe the ARC review results are improper, a submission can be made to the EARC for further consideration. The submission process is the same for EARC as it is the ARC (please indicate that you wish the submission to be reviewed by the EARC). If you believe the EARC review results are improper, then a petition can be made to the Board of Trustees for further consideration. Again, the submission process is the same for the Board as it is the ARC and EARC (please indicate that you wish the submission to be reviewed at the next Board of Trustees meeting).