Our Mission

Your New Albany Country Club Community Homeowner’s Association serves the primary purpose of upholding the aesthetic value of the New Albany Country Club Community for your use and enjoyment. The Association strives to meet the highest of standards by working diligently to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the community, following the strictest of Architectural Review Committee policies and guidelines in accordance with the community’s Georgian Design and appeal, and collecting funds to be used in maintaining the common amenities in the communities as directed by the Board of Trustees.

What We Do

Routine Lawn Care

The New Albany Country Club Community is comprised of 35 common area acres which are routinely cared for and maintained by the Association. This includes mowing, fertilization, tree care, edging, mulching, and any other necessary routine lawn care.

Fence Upkeep

The Association owns over 9 miles of 3 rail horse fence that requires ongoing maintenance with a 3 year cycle. The community boasts over 13 miles of Leisure Trails which serve to promote convenient access and use of all common area amenities as well as connection to New Albany’s popular downtown hub, Market Square. The leisure trails are also on a 3 year cycle for maintenance.

Care & Maintenance

In addition to the above the New Albany Country Club Community also oversees the care and maintenance of over 100 benches, 10,000 trees, 400 signs, 7 bridges, 8 gazebos, 35 access gates, Brick Walls, Piers, Entry Features, irrigation, the Yantis boardwalk, along with common area lighting/doggie pots/and trash receptacles.