Street Tree Procedures

As you are well aware one of the defining attributes of the New Albany Country Club Community are the mature trees that beautifully line the winding streets of the community.  Each street was carefully evaluated and designed to create a unique streetscape on each individual corridor.

Risks to Street Trees

With meticulous planning and care there are still ultimately unforeseen issues that arise. Many of our street trees are currently at risk.  The 3 biggest threats are:

The Association is treating the street trees for the Ash Borer as well as Iron deficiencies. We are also addressing the many issues of Girdling Root that exist within the community.  However, your cooperation in monitoring your trees and informing us of any noted decline would be greatly appreciated.

Tree Assessment Report

The current arborist for the New Albany Country Club Community, responsible for conducting the Tree Assessment Report, is Ahlum & Arbor.

Homeowner & Association Responsibilities

Fertilization & Pruning

We suggest proper tree fertilization and pruning practices. Please inquire with your landscaper of preference, as the Association does not fertilize nor do we prune the trees.

The City of New Albany does prune, but for safety and clearance only; they do not prune for proper branch development and tree structure which ultimately prolongs the life and longevity of the tree.