Builder & Realtor Signage

Sign Specifications

  • Sign Color: New Albany Blue*

  • Lettering Color: White

  • Font: Times New Roman

  • Main Sign Panel

    • Size: 30” x 40”

    • Substrate: ¾” MDO Board

    • Edges & Back: White

  • Riders (small panels)**

    • Size: 30” x 9”

    • Substrate: ¾” MDO Board

    • Edges & Back: Painted white

  • Post with Finial***

    • Size: 4” x 96”

    • Paint Color: White

*The standard color treatment for all builder and realtor signs is New Albany Blue with White lettering. The only exception of the Ebrington section will be Green with White lettering (check with the suggested vendors below for the specific green required).

**May have up to 2 riders, spacing to be 1” between main panel and first rider, and 1” between first rider and second rider.

***Top of main sign panel should be approximately 76” from the ground.

Content Details

Please see the guide below, which contains details on signage content standards.

Vendors & Installation

Vendors are optional, but adherence to the specific sign standards is required.

Suggested Vendors

Key Blueprint
Melissa Query

Instant Signs
Rob Rosati

Ground Spike or Stake Installation


If a ground spike or stake is used for signage installation, the following requirements must be met:

  1. It must be painted white to match the post.

  2. The spike/stake must not be visible. It must be fully inserted into the ground.

If a sign is found to be improperly installed using one of these ground spikes or stakes, the Association will remedy the violation and invoice the builder a $25.00 service fee.